The practice draws its foundation from the following five core ethos:

We seek to collaborate with our clients throughout the life of the project from inception to completion. We listen carefully in order to capture client strategies and aspirations in all aspect of the projects. Through our combined knowledge and experience, we are not afraid to explore different solutions in order to realise our client’s brief and project budget.

Architecture is the amalgamation of art and science. At ZONE Designworks, design is developed from a combination of experience and insights gained over time and from innate artistry. We believe in injecting creativity from the outset of any projects. Our work seeks to redefine standard practices and reconnect people with their environment through the careful considerations of light, form, material and space.

Innovation is the application of ideas and fresh solutions to meet new requirements or the changing needs of established industries and markets. We are forward thinkers and we encourage our staff to challenge the collective preconceptions and questioning if there is a better way of doing things. We are always pushing the boundaries to create ideas and formulate solutions that aim to exceed our client’s expectation.

Our holistic design approach allows us to deliver social and environmental sustainability outcomes for all types of project. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to sustainability. We strive to ensure that every project we carry out respond to the specificity in terms of location, cultural sensibility and economic circumstances. We are continually improving skills and knowledge in sustainable design and innovation in order to apply this knowledge for the benefits our clients through an all-round better performing buildings.

Although we are an international design practice, we endeavour to consider the cultural, climatic, geographical, political, topographical and situational aspects of each project and develop the architecture individually. We aspire to produce a form of architecture that will eventually become a place of identity and character, which is a result of searching for solutions that are inspired by content rather than mere formalistic solutions.